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Real Estate Services

Your Trusted Accountant is now Your Trusted Real Estate Agent.

I have been active in real estate for many years. Actually, I have been quite passionate about the real estate business. As a result, I have decided to expand my services beyond preparing your income taxes and managing your cash flow.

I have obtained my real estate license and I am now a realtor with Murrell-Inc. I am now going through a rigorous training program. I look forward to assisting my friends, family, associates, clients and the public with their real estate needs. I am qualified to offer assistance with buying, selling and/or leasing.

If you or someone you know needs my assistance, I thank you in advance for the referral.

Some of you have trusted me with your finances for over 35 years. Now please allow me to provide you with the same knowledge and professionalism in your home buying, selling and/or leasing experience.

For more information:
BML Properties Realty
(240)764-5092 Office
(301)674-9744 Cell